Fraser Island “K-gari lakes”

(c) Jono Bateman 2012.

52 x 38cm.

Acrylic on Canvas.


World heritage Fraser Island, the world’s biggest sand island, acts as a kind of giant water filter.

Many of the 100 plus fresh water lakes and creeks on the island, have been seeping through the sandy interior into the ocean for over 750,000 years. By the time this vast volume of fresh water reaches the sea, it a pure, clean gift to the Pacific Ocean.

As you travel around Fraser Islands vast coastlines, you will regularly cross her watery fingers as they branch out and flow down to the sea. Time has no beginning and no end, as these gifts of life from the Island’s heart are blended and shared with the sea.

My paintings of Fraser Island try to put her physical presence into perspective.

So much sand and so much clean fresh water. All part of a harmonious relationship with the ocean.

The ocean gives sand to the Island and the Island gives clean water back to the Ocean.

Fraser Island is a mesmerising place and deserves a lot more care and respect than she sometimes gets.

The Local Aboriginal custodians of Fraser Island are called the Butchulla people. Their tradition name for Fraser Island is K’gari meaning Paradise.

For more information and how you can help protect Fraser Island, visit:

Fraser Island Natural Integrity Alliance 

Fraser Island Defenders Organization