The “Re” Tree

(c) Jono Bateman 2015.

128 x 140cm

Ink and fabric on Arches Paper.

Sold to private collection.

Jono Bateman The Re Tree

When we re do things, we generally do them better.

The “Re” Tree reminds us of this.

She is a wise old tree with many stories locked away in her gnarly old limbs.

She is the Giant Water Gum, Syzigium francisii, found growing on the banks of South East Queensland’s Rainforest creeks and rivers.

As the “Re” tree recedes into old age, she sheds her secrets with a final flourish of intensely vibrant fruit.

The reseeding is the beginning of renewal, regrowth and hope.

You can bring hope to your natural environment by getting involved in a local land care group in your area.