“Jono is a passionate and committed environmentalist and artist who has a talent for engaging people’s imagination and awareness through his love of the land and community.

He manages to successfully combine his passion for the environment and art through his work practices as an artist and land-care specialist and educator.

I have worked with Jono on several exhibition projects at Rosebed St Gallery, including Elements – a curated exhibition of four artists’ works in 2012.  Jono’s series of works in this show focused on the environment and included an installation that brought awareness to the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly. During this exhibition, Jono facilitated community engagement workshops at the gallery raising awareness, education and actively promoting the planting of birdwing butterfly vines. This was a very popular and successful project.

I strongly support his efforts to continue to develop his work as I believe he has much to contribute to our community as a mentor and advocate. I wish him every success with his application for funding to support his ventures.”

Maya Carter-Malins, Owner/Director, Rosebed St Gallery, Eudlo


Ornithoptera richmondia“I write with absolute confidence when I say the Richmond Birdwing butterfly, Ornthinoptera richmondia has a conservation status of Vulnerable. I can do this because the beautiful ink and watercolour Bateman that hangs above my desk tells me so. My husband and I purchased this original at an exhibition featuring Jono’s work; we also received a live birdwing vine with our acquisition.

Looking at the stylized butterfly with its scarlet red passionate “heart” reminds me of Jono’s passion for the environment and depicting it through his art. It also reminds me that once I have finished writing this letter of support that I need to check up on the dozen or so birdwing vines now planted on our bush block.

It is because of Jono’s combined mutualistic art and environmental work that I know, as do my children, that the Birdwing vine is the only food source for the Richmond butterfly larvae. That the vines are slow growing and to be patient but once established they will impress. I know that they enjoy their own stable microclimate; filtered light, shelter from the wind, assistance to find a way skywards.

I write supporting the efforts of Jono, I encourage him to continue and grow his on-the-ground and on-the-canvas environmental work, educating others, creating a more sustainable future for all. Who knows how far his roots will reach or how high he will climb for the benefit of all.”

Janet Thomson, Art Owner